Cutting-Edge Tech & Infrastructure


At MediaLayer, no expense is spared in providing you with the best technology - with the latest hardware and software configurations to ensure your website loads as quickly as possible, with maximum reliability.

MediaLayer Standard Configuration

 LiteSpeed Web Server

  • Overview: LiteSpeed Web Server is a highly-efficient web server daemon engineered to deliver the maximum performance for today's web 2.0 applications and beyond. MediaLayer is one of the first web hosts to establish a partnership with LiteSpeed, and in doing so, we offer LiteSpeed to all of our application hosting customers. Our LiteSpeed-based configuration delivers over 200% better performance for PHP applications, up to 600% for static content, and double the SSL performance. Furthermore, LiteSpeed is fully compatible with Apache configuration, including popular modules such as mod_rewrite.

  • Resilience to Denial of Service Attacks: In this day and age, denial of service (DoS) attacks are some of the most popular threats on the web. LiteSpeed offers built-in protection to automatically mitigate such attacks and perform throttling to preserve system resources.

  • Request Filter: LiteSpeed has developed a module known as Request Filter to offer full compatibility for mod_security rulesets, and does so in a very efficient manner, to reduce impact on performance and resource usage. MediaLayer utilizes the Request Filter feature to protect hosted applications from popular exploitations and vulnerabilities.

  • Zero Downtime Graceful Restart: LiteSpeed allows MediaLayer to maximize web server uptime by making no interruption to service when restarted - whether that is for a simple configuration change, or a core software update.

  • PHPSUEXEC Without Bottlenecks: Using the highly optimized LSAPI for PHP, MediaLayer runs phpsuexec on all servers without the typical performance bottleneck it introduces on Apache based systems. This provides an added layer of security by allowing all PHP scripts to run as the username of the account they are on, which negates the need for unsecure file permissions. Furthermore, it is possible to perform automatic upgrades of applications such as WordPress as a result of this as well.

 PHP/MySQL Acceleration

  • Overview: Percona Server with XtraDB is a backwards-compatible replacement for MySQL that is much faster and more scalable, easier to monitor and tune, and has features to make operational tasks easier. Percona's releases are based upon recent versions of the MySQL server source code. It is fully compatible with standard MySQL, and simply provides performance benefits to customers within MediaLayer's hosting environment without any drawbacks. Improvements in handling of innoDB based databases provide noticeable benefits for popular applications such as Magento Commerce.

  • Optimization: MediaLayer consistently evaluates and optimizes MySQL configuration on all servers in order to ensure the best performance by making the most effective use of query caching and other facilities available to the MySQL server.