Premium Service


MediaLayer began providing hosting solutions to fill the growing need of an application-driven platform, concentrating on delivering the best performance for popular apps such as WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal - later to include many others such as Magento.

MediaLayer began a partnership with LiteSpeed Technologies to become the first hosting company to offer services based on the LiteSpeed Web Server. This took the industry by storm, and we have since become a recognized brand for high-performance hosting solutions.

As technology continues to evolve, we have also adopted cutting edge hardware for our servers, including the latest generation Intel Xeon Processors and Solid State Drives (SSDs).

 Performance is Our Obsession

We spend a great deal of resources on research and development into new technologies that can improve our platform. Quite literally, we are running benchmark tools against our websites, servers, and networks on a daily basis to proactively identify bottlenecks, and ensure our infrastructure can meet the growing demands of Internet traffic.

 The LAYER Platform: Scalability at the Core

Scaling a website from 1 to 1,000 or perhaps 1,000,000 users? Our services are built with just that ideoology in mind. Using the unified LAYER platform, you can switch seamlessly between Application Hosting, Managed VPS, and Dedicated Servers, adapting to the requirements of your business.

Application Hosting   Optimized hosting suitable for dynamic sites large and small

MediaLayer's application hosting platform is the product of years of experience in hosting PHP and MySQL based sites. We have engineered this service to provide the maximum performance and reliability using technologies such as LiteSpeed Web Server, Percona MySQL Server, along with custom OS-level performance enhancements.

Managed VPS   Extra horsepower to grow your business and ability to resell accounts

Our VPS packages are designed to offer optimum performance for dynamic web applications and can serve as an excellent upgrade path from our Application Hosting plans. As part of our unified LAYER platform, you can seamlessly move between application hosting, managed VPS, and dedicated server plans. All servers are fully managed, meaning we handle all OS-level security updates, patches, and general server administration tasks.

Dedicated Servers   A custom machine built to your exact requirements

MediaLayer takes a unique approach to dedicated servers. All servers are custom built to order using our vast hardware inventory. We are thus able to offer almost any configuration you can imagine. We are able to offer multiple different operating systems, control panels, and server management levels. Contact our sales department for a custom quote. Below is one of our popular configurations.