Top-Notch Data Center Facilities

Data Centers

At MediaLayer, we set our standards very high when choosing a suitable data center for our application hosting environment. Primary points that we take into consideration include (but are not limited to): location, quality & availability of bandwidth, security, and the building staff/management. We plan to continue expanding to global data centers in order to decrease risk and facilitate future geographically-redundant product lines. Below you will find a brief outline of each facility we utilize.

MediaLayer Data Center Check List

 Ashburn, VA - Latisys

The fiber-dense Ashburn, VA is not only our flagship location, but also home to a number of large hosting facilities and international networks. Our presence is based out of the Latisys data center, featuring connectivity to Level3, Cogent, Zayo, and HE. Ashburn, VA is considered one of the most important Internet locations in the world, featuring a number of vital exchange points between Internet carriers. Download Speed Test

 Los Angeles, CA - USColo

Our Los Angeles location brings us to the west coast US market, offering rich bandwidth connectivity from premium providers such as Level3, NTT, TiNet, and Verizon. Close proximity to the One Wilshire facility (operated by CRGWest) allows us for access to a number of bandwidth providers and large Internet exchanges. Los Angeles serves as our primary location for dedicated servers. Download Speed Test

 Amsterdam, NL - EVOSwitch

Our Amsterdam location brings into the European market with direct connectivity to carriers such as Telia, NTT, and Cogent who feature superior connectivity to many European eyeball networks. This location also features Noction IRP for optimized BGP routing. Download Speed Test

 Singapore, SG - Equinix

Our Singapore location signifies our entrance into the Asian hosting market. Within the prestigious Equinix data center, we connect to a network with access to key providers such as PCCW, Telia, and PacNet (AsiaNetCom). This location also features connectivity to a presence within Equinix Hong Kong, with connectivity to many local ISPs, enabling optimal performance for customers in Asia. Download Speed Test